Professional Assisted Living & Residential Facilities In Austin, TX

At some stage, support from local programs, friends, and family will no longer be enough. Seniors that require full-time help can benefit from moving to one of the residential facilities that provide most of or all the long-term services that they need.  Long-term care facility-based services include care and board homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and care-retirement communities. Some of these facilities only offer housekeeping and housing, but most also offer medical services and personal care. These facilities also provide special programs dedicated to people with forms of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  

What Are Care And Board Homes?

Care and board homes, also known as group homes or residential care facilities, are generally smaller private facilities, that accommodate 20 or even fewer residents. Rooms may be shared or private. Residents receive meals and personal care with staff available 24/7. Medical and nursing care is usually not offered on-site. 

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living offers help to individuals that require daily care. These facilities do not provide the same level of care as the nursing homes provide. The assisted living facilities typically accommodate from as little as 25 residents all the way up to 120 or more. In most cases, some “levels of care” are on offer, with the fees increasing for patients that require higher care levels. The residents at assisted living facilities usually live in a room or their own apartment, but they share all the common areas. They also have access to a range of services, including 3 meals daily, laundry, housekeeping, help with most personal care activities, assistance with medications, security, 24-hour supervision, recreational and social activities, and 24/7 on-site staff. The arrangements of these facilities will vary from one state to the next. 

What Are Nursing Homes?

A nursing home that also goes by the name of a skilled nursing facility provides an extensive range of personal care and health services. The services are more focused on health and medical care when compared to assisted living facilities. The services provided usually include three meals daily, nursing care, 24-hour supervision, and help with all daily activities. Rehabilitation services, like speech, occupational, and physical therapy are also usually made available.  Some patients will only require a short stay in a nursing home after a stay in hospital. Once they have recovered, they can usually return home. However, most of the residents in a nursing home will become permanent residents since they have an ongoing mental or physical condition that requires round-the-clock supervision and care. 

What Are Continuing Care Retirement Community?

Care Retirement Communities provide various service levels from one location. Most locations offer assisted living, independent housing apartments or houses, and nursing care from one campus. Recreation and healthcare services are usually also provided.  In Lavender Springs, where the person lives will depend on what service levels are required. For example, a person that is no longer able to live independently will either receive “home care” in one of the independent living units or move into an assisted living facility. If you have questions during your search, feel free to follow our blog or contact us.


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