Long-Term Senior Care & Memory Care Service In Barton Creek, TX

At some time or the other, some people tend to require full-time care, and family, local programs, and friends can sometimes be insufficient. As such, some people often move into residential facilities. These facilities tend to provide persons with the care and support that they need.  The following are long-term care options offered:

  •  Assisted Living Facilities
  •  Board And Care Homes
  •  Continuing Care Retirement 
  •  Nursing Homes

While some tend to have both housekeeping and housing, they also provide their residents with medical and personal care services. For the most part, tons of facilities tend to offer programs tailored to those with special conditions. Hence, Alzheimer’s, and dementia patients receive special care. 

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is better suited to persons who require some form of daily help. However, the degree of help needed isn’t the same when compared to that of a nursing home. This type also tends to have anywhere between 25 to 120 residents.  Assisted living services offer several care packages that often require them to pay more for additional care. Residents in this type of facility can have an apartment that is theirs only or they can share rooms n other common areas. An assisted living facility also has various services such as laundry, housekeeping, and personal help. The facility is safe and has security, 24-hour supervision, on-site staff, and both recreational and social activities. 

What Are Nursing Homes?

Nursing homes are better known as highly skilled establishments. At these facilities, a range of personal services and health care services are provided to residents. However, they cater to medical care in a bigger way than assisted living facilities do. Nursing homes tend to provide speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and 24-hour nursing care.  Staying in a nursing home is often a temporary deal and most eventually go home after they’re in better health. Some permanent residents of nursing homes are there because they have mental or physical conditions. These conditions often leave them needing supervision and even care. 

What Are Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)?

These communities are better known as life care communities. Within these locations, residents can benefit from various levels of services. Some even offer independent housing, nursing care, and assisted living as needed. Recreational activities are also a huge deal to keep patients’ minds stimulated.  If you live in a CCRC, the services needed by you are heavily dependent on where you live. Those who can’t live alone anymore are often taken to these facilities. CCRCs provide a safer way for them to live with enough home care in their own independent living units. If you have questions during your search, feel free to follow our blog or contact us.

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