Top Assisted Living Communities & Senior Care Facilities In Circle C Ranch, TX

About us

Lavender Springs is an intimate 16-resident assisted living facility located in Hill Country, Texas. You don’t have to give up your right to live in beautiful surroundings because you need assistance. Lavender Springs offers the ideal combination of housing and personal support. There are stunning views everywhere you turn. After caring for Tommy’s grandmother, Aileen Gillis, Jana, and Tommy Gillis founded Lavender Springs for many years. There were not many options for seniors who needed assistance at the time. Jana Gillis and Tommy Gillis work together to ensure that those who need these resources have them. Our mission is to provide exceptional care for seniors to feel comfortable and happy, and their families have peace of mind. All this while making new friends in the beautiful city we call home.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a unique type of home. A retirement community is an excellent place for an older adult to live. They can be cared for, maintain their independence, receive medical assistance, and stay healthy in a well-organized environment. Many senior living communities provide a feeling of home away from home with a variety of amenities. A personalized service plan detailing the required assistance is created once a resident has moved into one of these communities. These communities are ideal for those who wish to continue living a stress-free, enjoyable life. In addition, these communities provide excellent healthcare and are staffed with qualified health professionals who can take care of seniors. Assisted living provides the right level of support to seniors so they can live happy and independent lives. These senior living communities can be an excellent choice for your parents. Senior citizens need to be educated by their families and friends about retirement communities to ensure that they have the best possible experience in old age. Family members need to realize that it is difficult to determine which assisted living community is best for an older adult. It all depends on their individual needs. Of all the senior living communities, assisted living is the most well-organized. As assistance is available in retirement communities, it is up to them which neighborhood is best for the seniors. Senior citizens are concerned about whether they will receive the proper care. This question can be answered so they can live happily in senior living communities for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, your parents must live on their own in today’s fast-paced society. Assisted living is the best option for them. They can enjoy a happy and easy life with this type of community. If you have questions feel free to follow our blog or contact us.

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