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People who need full-time help often get required support from their family members, friends, as well as local programs but there comes a time when they need more. This is why, it’s better for them to move to a residential facility where they are more likely to get all the long term care services needed by them.

There are different types of long-term care facilities such as: nursing homes, assisted living facilities, board and care homes, and continuing care retirement communities.

Different levels of services are offered in these facilities. For instance, only housekeeping and housing might be provided by some facilities whereas others also include medical services and personal care. There are also special programs offered by some facilities to help people dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.

Assisted Living

These facilities are designed for people who require help with their day to day activities. However, these do not offer as much help as a resident will get in a nursing home. The number of residents in these facilities is typically in the range of 25 to 120 though there is no set upper limit. They typically offer different levels of care which means that higher levels of care are available for higher pay.

Residents in these facilities typically have their own rooms or apartments and they share common areas. A variety of services are provided to residents including:

  • 3 meals a day
  • Personal care assistance
  • Help with laundry and housekeeping
  • Help with medications
  • On-site staff
  • 24 hour supervision and security
  • A variety of social and recreational activities

The exact arrangements in these facilities typically vary from one state to another.

Board And Care Homes

These are known by various names including group homes as well as a residential care facilities. Typically, these are small private facilities and most of them have a maximum of 20 residents. In these facilities, residents usually have the choice of a shared or a private room. Staff is always available and provides personal care and meals to the residents. On-site nursing and medical care isn’t typically included.

Nursing Homes

These are also known as the skilled nursing facilities. In these facilities, residents get a whole range of health and personal care services. Focus is on medical care which is often better than assisted living facilities. Some typical services provided in a nursing home include:

  • 3 meals a day
  • 24 hour supervision
  • Nursing care
  • Help with day-to-day activities
  • Various rehabilitation services including occupational and physical rehabilitation
  • Speech therapy

In some cases, people like to stay at a nursing home for a short period of time after they get out of hospital. Once they have fully recovered, they prefer to go back to their home. However, many residents in nursing homes live there permanently due to their ongoing physical or mental needs requiring constant care and supervision.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

These are also known as life care communities. In these communities, a variety of services are offered in one campus. These communities typically offer independent housing, skilled nursing care as well as assisted living facilities in one campus. A typical community also provides recreation programs and healthcare services.

Residents in these communities are offered services based on their requirements. For instance, people who are unable to live independently are moved to an assisted living facility. In some cases, residents are also provided home care in their independent housing such as a house or an apartment.

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