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It reaches a point where support from local programs, friends, and family may not be sufficient. Individuals who need assistance on a full-time basis may have to move to a residential center that offers most if not all of their long-term needs. Some centers only have housekeeping and housing, but most of them offer medical services and personal care. The majority of facilities provide special programs for persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

What Is Senior Living?

Senior living is for persons who require aid with daily care, but not as much assistance as the one provided in nursing homes. The size of senior living centers varies from at least 25 residents to more than 120. Generally, the levels of care provided are different, with residents incurring more to receive higher care.   In this setting, residents reside in their own rooms or apartments and have a common space which they share. They get various types of services, which include up to three meals, laundry and housekeeping, aid with medications, help with personal care, on-site staff, security, 24-hour surveillance; and recreational and social activities. Arrangements are different from state to state.

What Are Care Homes?

Care homes also referred to as group homes or residential care centers, are small private institutions, with generally 20 or fewer people. The rooms can either be shared or private. Residents at these facilities will get personalized care and meals and supporting personnel will be around 24/7. Medical and nursing care aren’t usually offered on-site. 

What Are Nursing Homes?

Also referred to as skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes deliver a wide selection of personal and health care services. As compared to the majority of senior living facilities, their services are more focused on medical care. Some of the services provided include three meals a day, 24-hour supervision, nursing care, and help with daily activities. They also provide rehabilitation services which include, occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Some individuals remain in a nursing home for a while after they have been hospitalized. After recuperating, they head home. However, many nursing home occupants reside there permanently given how they have suffered debilitating mental or physical conditions that need constant supervision and care.

What Are Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)?  

Also referred to as life care communities, (CCRCs) provide various levels of service, all in one spot. Most of them provide independent housing (apartments or houses), professional nursing care, and senior living in one facility. Recreation programs and healthcare services are also offered.  In this typesetting, your living standards largely depend on the level of servicing you require. Persons who are unable to live on their own are moved to senior living centers or get home care in their independent living space. If you have questions during your search, feel free to follow our blog or contact us.

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