What Services Does an Assisted Living Facility Provide?

For many older Americans, maintaining independence with age is a top priority. Understandably, people wish to stay in their homes as they cherish the comfort of familiarity above all else. However, if your loved one struggles with daily activities or needs extra support, it may be time to check out an assisted living facility. 

Assisted living facilities provide long-term care to older adults who may not require the intensive care of a nursing home. Lavender Springs Assisted Living provides assisted living services in Austin, TX, to support older adults who value their independence but require support with daily living. 

This article will discuss the services provided by assisted living facilities and what you can expect when transitioning your loved one into this new environment.

Assisted Living Services

Lavender Springs Assisted Living Services

Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes

As you and your loved one decide what arrangement is best for them, you must understand the different levels of care available. While an assisted living facility and a nursing home provide care to older adults, each features specific services tailored to seniors with various needs. Your loved one’s health and wellness requirements will determine the appropriate setting.

If you’ve been searching for a “nursing home near me,” keep the following differences in mind.

Nursing Home Care

Services provided by nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities are most appropriate for seniors with ongoing medical needs or those requiring more intensive medical care. Nursing home residents receive around-the-clock support from trained medical professionals and, depending on their needs, may remain in a skilled nursing environment for a short or extended period.

Assisted Living Facilities

Unlike nursing homes, which are far more medical, assisted living facilities are essentially residential settings that support older adults with daily living. Residents can maintain independence while receiving assistance from staff.

Generally, those who stay at an assisted living facility receive a health assessment to determine their needs, and staff will create a personalized care plan to ensure the best experience. Although intensive medical treatment isn’t part of an assisted living facility’s services, residents can receive support for medication management and transportation to doctor’s appointments.

The Benefits of an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities promote resident independence and provide a setting that feels like home. Residents can choose a private living space, an apartment-style arrangement, or share a space with another member of the assisted living community. 

Older adults can have their own space and maintain some control over their care while receiving support from friendly, highly-trained staff. Assisted living facilities like Lavender Springs Assisted Living to provide services such as:

  • One to three meals a day
  • Medication monitoring
  • Help with grooming, using the restroom, and dressing
  • Laundry and chores
  • Around-the-clock emergency care
  • Some medical services
  • Social engagement activities

Staying in an assisted living facility will allow your loved one to personalize their care and maintain independence while receiving daily support. They can access a better quality of life, and you can rest assured knowing they’re in skilled hands.

Additionally, your loved one will still be able to enjoy time with family. You can schedule a fun day in Austin to experience the many amenities and attractions the city has to offer. Have a cozy dinner at your favorite restaurant, visit the local film festival, or indulge in a relaxing spa session. 

Spend quality time with your loved one, and know that when they return to their new home, they’ll have a comfortable, welcoming place to decompress from the day’s excitement.

Assisted Living Near Me: Choose Lavender Springs

Have you been searching for “assisted living near me” lately? Do you feel that your older loved one could use some full-time support?

Look no further than Lavender Springs Assisted Living. We’re proud to serve residents and families in Austin, TX, providing older adults with high-quality, personalized care. We love our work and make it our mission to establish trust and respect with our residents. 

Resident happiness is our top priority. When you and your loved one choose Lavender Springs Assisted Living, you will discover an assisted living facility with joy at its heart. 

To learn more about our services, such as our Level 3 assisted living care, contact us today at 512-858-0211.

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