Senior Living & Retirement Communities Options In Cedar Valley, TX

About Us

Lavender Springs is a small, intimate, 16 resident assisted living home nestled in Hill Country outside Austin, Texas. Needing assistance doesn’t mean giving up the right to live in a beautiful place. In Lavender Springs, you’ll get the perfect combination of housing and personalized support, with gorgeous views everywhere you look. Tommy and Jana Gillis started Lavender Springs after taking care of Tommy’s beloved grandmother, Aileen Gillis, for many years. At the time, there were very few options available for senior citizens needing assistance. Tommy and Jana Gillis now work to make sure that people who need these resources can find them. Our mission is to serve the senior community by providing them with exceptional care so they can feel happy and comfortable and so their families can have peace of mind—all while making friends in this beautiful place we call home.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a special kind of home. There are three major reasons why an elderly person should live in a retirement community: they can feel cared for while maintaining their independence, can receive medical assistance, and stay healthy in a well-organized environment. Senior living communities offer a number of facilities that give the feeling of a home away from home. Once a person moves into these communities, a personalized service plan of the assistance required for the resident is written. These retirement communities are an ideal place for people who want to keep living stress-free and enjoyable lives. These communities offer excellent healthcare services and have qualified health professionals to take care of senior citizens. In assisted living, the right kind of assistance is provided to elderly people so that they can lead happy lives without giving up their freedom. These kinds of senior living communities are the best choice for your parents. Families and friends need to educate senior citizens to make an informed choice in terms of retirement communities so that they can continue to enjoy their old age. Families need to understand that there is no exact way to judge which assisted living community is good and which is not because it depends on the individual needs of the elderly person. Among all of the senior living communities, assisted living is one type that is especially well-organized. Since assistance is offered in the retirement communities, it is up to the elderly person to decide which community is best. The major concern of the senior citizens entering into any assisted living is whether they will get the care they deserve or not. If this question is answered, then they can spend the rest of their lives happily in senior living communities. In today’s fast-paced world, there may be times when your parents have to live alone. They might need someone to take care of them and their needs, and this is when assisted living becomes the best choice. With this kind of community, they can live life easily and happily. If you have questions feel free to follow our blog or contact us.

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