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Lavender Springs, an intimate assisted living facility for 16 residents, is located in Hill Country Texas. It doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your right to live in beautiful surroundings just because you require assistance. Lavender Springs provides the perfect combination of housing and support. Everywhere you look, there are breathtaking views. Aileen Gillis, Jana Gillis, and Tommy Gillis cared for Tommy’s grandmother for many years. Senior citizens who required assistance were limited in their options. Jana Gillis, Tommy Gillis, and others work together to make sure that people who are in need of these resources have them. Our goal is to provide outstanding care to seniors so they can feel happy and comfortable, as well as their families. All of this while making new friends here in the beautiful city we call home.

Assisted Living

These facilities are for those who need assistance with daily activities. These facilities do not provide the same level of care as for nursing homes. These facilities typically house between 25 and 120 residents, though there is no upper limit. You will find that they offer different levels and care, leading to higher salaries. These facilities offer residents the opportunity to live in their own apartments or rooms, as well as shared areas. Residents can avail of a variety of services, including:

  • Three meals per day
  • Personal care assistance
  • Housekeeping and laundry assistance
  • Assistance with medication
  • Personal on-site

Security and supervision are available 24 hours a day There are many recreational and social activities. Depending on the state, these facilities are often set up in different ways.

Board And Care Homes

They are also known as residential care facilities and group homes. These are usually private, small facilities with a maximum of 20 residents. Residents have the option of either a shared or private room in these facilities. The staff is available to provide personal care and meals for residents. Usually, there is no on-site nursing or medical care.

Nursing Homes

These facilities are also called skilled nursing facilities. These facilities offer a wide range of personal and health care services. The focus is on medical care, which is often more effective than assisted living facilities. A nursing home may offer the following services:

  • Three meals per day
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Nursing care
  • Assistance with daily activities

Diverse rehabilitation services, including physical and occupational rehabilitation

Speech therapy

Some people prefer to remain in a nursing home for a brief time after being discharged from the hospital. Then, after they are fully healed, they want to return to their home. Many residents who live in nursing homes are there for life because of their mental or physical needs that require constant supervision and care.

Retirement Communities for Continuing Care

These communities are also called life care communities. These communities offer a wide range of services in one location. These communities often provide assisted living, skilled nursing care, and independent housing. The community may also offer recreation and healthcare services. These communities offer services that are tailored to the needs of residents. People who cannot live alone are transferred to assisted living facilities. Sometimes, residents receive home care in their own homes, such as apartments or houses. If you have questions feel free to follow our blog or contact us.

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