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Respite Care


Respite Care for Carers of The Sick and Disabled

Respite Care -What is It?

Caregivers require short-term breaks, and this is called respite care. Looking after the sick or disabled requires you to be present all 24 hours. So it would help if you looked after your own needs now and then. This is where you can get help from respite care.

Respite care can be taken at many places:

• Your home
• Special daycare centers
• Residential centers that allow you to stay overnight

The breaks that you can take can vary in duration. You can ask for respite care for as short or as long a period that you need it for, a few hours, a full day, several days, or even for a few weeks.

Who is in Need of Respite Care?

Often, ill patients or have a disability can require care all 24 hours of the day.

Respite care is used by caregivers who care for people who have conditions like:

• Cancer
• Brain injuries
Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
• Suffered a Stroke
• Blindness

Respite Care Services

While, as a caregiver, you need to go away, respite care will give you a comfortable and safe place for your loved ones. The providers who will be with those who are ill or disabled train to do this. They can also help your loved ones to:

• Bathe
• Dress
• Eat and drink
• Help them with their medications
• Exercise
• Spend time outdoors
• Help in getting in or out of bed

One option you have is group respite care. This generally is possible in community centers, adult daycare centers, and assisted living facilities.

These programs will often have art classes, dance, and music, all overseen by trained providers. You can socialize with others, have group meals, or enjoy some entertainment.

Respite Care Types

Care at Home

If your loved one is being cared for at home, a respite caregiver can come to your home.

Respite care providers who come to your home will act as companions for those who are elderly or sick. They will be with them and ensure that they do not hurt themselves.

These health aid aides who come to your home can do more, like help in bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, or taking medications. Some of them will also do your laundry, fix meals, or make beds.

Adult Day Care Centers

If you need a break of a few hours or a full day, you can take the person you are caring for to an adult daycare center.

In these daycare centers, your loved ones can exercise, have their meals, or go to music classes and be supervised by trained staff at all times. In addition, some centers have programs that can arrange both to pick up your loved ones from your home while you take a break and bring them back home once the session decided on is over.

Respite Care Facilities

Most of these are like assisted living facilities and are like apartment complexes where seniors cannot live by themselves. You can even ask for short-term stays at such respite care centers.

That is why it is also referred to as residential respite or assisted living care.

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